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Our premium enterprise solution for health and safety risk management. When you require an integrated software platform for employee safety and occupational risk management, our on-premise platform integrates with your HRIS, production and time-and-attendance systems for 360° visibility on enterprise risk.


Our software engineers have developed a cloud-based health and safety risk management platform that is simple to use, yet powerful enough to rival many other comparible enterprise-grade solutions, getting your company up and running in days rather than months. And at a fraction of the cost.

Risk management in the Cloud

Finally you and your team can build a consolidated health and safety risk management repository using our integrated online software that works the way you do. Create an amazing library of risk assessments, policies, procedures, codes and various other tools to use within your organisation to satisfy both regulatory audits and your company's daily requirements. Our intelligent action manager puts you in control while reducing risk to your organisation and workforce.

Riskbox builds on more than a decade of research and development with some of the world's most dangerous surface and underground mining operations.

Anywhere, using any device

The cloud-based version (Riskbox) is implemented within our secure world-class data centre and fully managed by our team of IT ninja's. You don't need to buy a server or database license - it's on us. All you need to fully utilise riskbox is a computer, tablet or smartphone and a good Internet connection.

On-premise for enterprise integration

Looking for something more? Adamantium One is an on-premise alternative that offers more functions, features and integration options. We understand that some companies are more comfortable with an on-premise solution where their own IT team can control access to the solution and protect the company's sensitive data.

In line with legal requirements around the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act the on-premise solutiuon allows users the ability to record safety incidents and accidents within a customer-controlled environment.

Risk management

Riskbox and One provide an easy-to-use software platform within which you can define your baseline framework and record risk assessments in the most simplest format. By using system-generated templates, you can record assessments once in Microsoft Excel and upload the completed spreadsheet directly into your database without having to retype the entire assessment. Yet, the user interface still allows for capture and amendments to uploaded assessments.

Natively the software supports baseline, issue-based and continuous risk assessment formats and automatically record remedial actions into the Action Manager (see below).

Policy and procedure repository

The success of your health and safety management system is based on how well you describe, document and distribute key policies, procedures and practices throughout the organisation. riskbox provides a simple, yet effective content management system (document repository) that will facilitate the effective management of your company documents through version control, revision scheduling and update notification to users.

Because everything in One and Riskbox is linked to everything else, your ability to pass health and safety compliance audits will increase significantly while empowering your staff to do more with less. Documents are linked to risk assessments, which in turn are linked to remedial actions. Take back control of your health and safety information while improving execution.

Action Manager

One of the key failures of risk management programmes are companies' inability to effectively follow up on remedial and corrective actions. If actions are not properly recorded, communicated and tracked they fail to be implemented.

The riskbox action manager streamlines the communication of remedial and corrective actions through an integrated issue log. Actions are recorded, either manually or resulting from risk assessments, against individuals with due dates, clear descriptions and automated e-mail reminders to both the originator and the accountable individuals. Daily status and escalation reports are available from the system and also distributed by e-mail.

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